Dr. Debra Curson

Debra graduated from Massey University in 2006 and moved to the UK in 2009 where she has been working for most of the last 11 years apart from an 18 month break working as a Vet in Bermuda.

While in the UK Debra gained her GP certificate in Small Animal Surgery in 2014 and while she still has a strong interest in surgery, she is also passionate about geriatric patient care, chronic pain management and canine rehabilitation. She gained her GP certificate in Western Veterinary Acupuncture and Chronic Pain Management in 2018 and completed her certification in Canine Rehabilitation Therapy in 2019 to enable her to help her older patients further.

With the world turning upside down by the covid pandemic Debra and her husband Mike decided it was time to return home to NZ and have bought their English cat George with them. Back home in NZ Debra is very much enjoying spending time with family and getting back into the NZ outdoor lifestyle with easier access to scuba diving and paddleboarding.