Pets Behaving Badly?

Behavioural services for you pet involves analysing troubling behaviour and then working with both pets and owners to modifying this behaviour to a more positive one. Having behaviour problems is one of the most common reasons people return or release a new pet, and all too often this behaviour will not be a problem once the correct owner handling is developed.

Common behaviour problems are:

  • The pet has acted aggressively toward yourself or others.
  • The pet has high levels of fear or anxiety in its behaviour to yourself, family or visitors.
  • The pet has ongoing destruction habits to you home/garden.

If this or other behavioural issues seem the case, most often you don’t have to give up the pet or put up with the problem. Each case is very unique so have a chat with your vet and they can offer advice or see more about our puppy school or some local trainers we can recommend.