Ticks on Cats & Dogs

Tick are a common issue for pets that are allowed outdoors. More importantly, ticks if dealt with quickly are usually fine, but if left untreated can become a serious problem.

We recommend pet owners use preventative or on the spot treatments and save yourself the vet visit if things become more serious. Common treatments are:

  • Oral Medicines
  • Tick Collars
  • Direct on-the-spot treatment

The best option can vary based on your pet and lifestyle. Feel free to discuss with your vets and we can recommend options to suit your pet.

Fleas on Pets

Fleas being small can easily go unnoticed. Often the first sign will be your pet scratching more than normal. To check for fleas you can comb your dog’s hair against the grain (back to front) so you can see their skin. Fleas will appear as mall dark specks, and if it’s moving its most likely a flea! You may also see red or other irritated skin indicating a reaction to the fleas bites.

Scheduling an Appointment for Fleas & ticks

We keep the common treatments in stock, so call us for a regular check-up or advice on what treatments are best for your pet.