Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging?

Diagnostic imaging includes x-rays, ultrasound, MRIs and CT scans. These machines are much the same as you would fine in any human hospital and used in similar ways. Getting imaging done is painless and allows the vets to see what is going on below the surface to better diagnose images and reduce the amount of exploratory surgery that had to be done in the past to find answers.

By using imaging on your pets vets can better locate any problem and create the best plans to deal with any health issues they show, this reduces improves the treatment effectiveness on pets and can help reduce cost as treatments are made from a position of better knowledge of any issues.

Common Reasons for Veterinary Scans and Imaging:

  • Locate objects a pet may have eaten.
  • Confirm if bones have been broken.
  • Access dental health.
  • View pregnancy status and foetus health
  • Stomach and intestine condition.
  • Examine a pets heart health
  • And many more!