Microchipping is Responsible Pet Ownership

In a lifetime of pet ownership is simple to leave a gate or door open occasionally resulting in a lost pet. And microchips are one of the best options when it comes to finding lost pets. They are a one time implant that will allow your pet to be identified should they ever become lost. Microchips are most commonly placed in dogs and cats, but can also be placed in reptiles and birds.

Reasons For Microchipping a Pet

  • Allows the return of a lost, stolen or runaway pet.
  • Microchips are a legal requirement for dogs.
  • Microchips give assist in who is the legal owner of a pet when this is in dispute.

What Does Microchipping Involve?

Having a microchip implanted is a simple process that is much like getting any normal vaccine or other injection and no pain medication is needed. Typically we implant the microchip when doing a pets initial vaccine course. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice, and is placed along the back of the pet near its neck where the chip will remain under the skin, usually in the same place for the rest of their life, though occasionally it will move to a new location. If this happens its fine and a dog or cats full body will be scanned if we are trying to find the owner of a lost pet.

Scheduling an Appointment for Microchipping

We keep microchips in stock at all times, so call us for a regular check-up be it a new or existing pet and we will include this in our initial consultation.