Setting Foundations With Puppy School

Puppyhood is a crucial period for any dog (just like childhood for us).  It really is worth putting in some extra effort to help him/her grow into a dog that you, the family and the neighbours all enjoy.   Especially crucial is the period between the ages of 6-20wk, called the “socialisation period”.   During this time a puppy is learning how the world works; which things are good and bad; what’s acceptable and what’s unacceptable.

Puppies that are not socialised sufficiently tend to become either fearful or aggressive as dogs. That’s why you see guide dog puppies going EVERYWHERE – to give them experience of every place they will need to take their human during their career.

Our puppy preschool, lead by nurse Myf continues to be very popular with over 200 puppies having attended so far.

Educations Meets Socialisation

Puppy preschool is a mixture of education (for owners) and freeplay/socialising (for the puppies).   It aims to:

  • Socialise your puppy with other dogs and people
  • Teach your puppy good manners and establish basic obedience commands
  • Educate new owners on puppy development and puppy care
  • Educate owners on normal and abnormal dog behaviour
  • Be fun and help make coming to the clinic a pleasant experience for the puppies (and people)!

The course consists of four classes at weekly intervals, each of an hour.  The cost is $95 per puppy.  This is great value as the giveaways and vouchers you get are worth over $200!  We keep class sizes small so there can be some individual attention.